How to enable the Browser Picker extension


This page describes how to activate the installed 'ElectroNeek' extension in the 'Google Chrome' browser.


Option #1

You can install this extension by clicking on the 'Change the element' button in 'Properties' tab of one of the 'Browser' group activity

Block properties of 'Click on element' activity

Option #2

Also you can do it by following this link and pressing 'Add to Chrome' button using Google Chrome browser and installing it through the Chrome Web Store.


After that you should activate this extension in your browser.

To do this, you need to start your 'Google Chrome' browser and go to 'Settings'-'More Tools'-'Extensions'.

After that you will see a list of your extensions, find the 'ElectroNeek' extension there and click on this slider.

Then restart your browser and try clicking the 'Change the element' button on one of the 'Browser' group activities again. If everything was done correctly, the 'Browser Picker' window should appear.