How to configure browsers

The ElectroNeek platform supports the following browsers:

  1. Google Chrome

  2. Internet Explorer

  3. Microsoft Edge

  4. Microsoft Edge BETA (chromium)

  5. Mozilla Firefox

To select the browser to interact with, the user needs to make a right-click on the 'ElectroNeek Robot' icon in the tray, click 'Show summary', switch to the 'Browser' tab, and select the desired browser from the dropdown list in the 'Browser to use' setting.

If the browser is to be launched with the user settings, extensions and authorization data then 'Load user profile with cookies, extensions etc.' option must be enabled in the 'Browser' tab in the 'ElectroNeek Robot'.

Configuring Internet Explorer

If the Internet Explorer browser is selected in the 'Browser to use' setting then the following configuration must be done in order to work correctly:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer browser.

  2. Click on the 'Tools' icon or press 'alt + x'.

  3. Click 'Internet Options'.

  4. Switch to the 'Security' tab.

  5. Make sure that the 'Enable Protected Mode' option is enabled or disabled for all the zones ('Internet', 'Local Intranet', 'Trusted Sites', 'Restricted Sites').

Deactivated 'Enable Protected Mode' option for the 'Internet' zone