Release 3.0

The ‘ElectroNeek Robot’, the ‘Browser Picker’, Webhooks and other

What’s new

  1. The functionality of 'ElectroNeek Robot' has been enhanced with the ability to define repeated (routine) processes that the user performs on his computer.

  2. In the user account, there is an opportunity to view all collected information about repeated (routine) actions of the user depending on the applications and web pages used, as well as the actions performed (filling out forms, copying and inserting information between systems, etc.).

  3. Added the ‘Browser Picker’ program and the ‘ElectroNeek’ extension to identify items on web pages in the ‘Google Chrome’ browser.

  4. In the ‘Browser Picker’ and the ‘Desktop Picker’ settings, added the "Contains" method to set a text which should be a part of the attribute's value when searching for the specified element.

  5. Added the ability to run workflows and send data into a variable using webhooks.

  6. Added the ability to specify wildcards for attributes' values when selecting a desktop interface element by the ‘Desktop Picker’ tool.

  7. Added a broad set of attributes for selection in 'Desktop Picker' settings.

  8. Added the ability to send a message to our care department right from the 'ElectroNeek Studio' program. You can also attach the log file and the workflow to the message.

  9. Added the ability to specify user roles for an administrator in the ‘Orchestrator.’

  10. Now the Orchestrator can display the status of workflows that run on the user’s remote machines.

  11. Added the possibility to open the subprogram used in the workflow in the next tab by pressing the Alt+Left click key combination on it.

  12. In the ‘ElectroNeek Studio,’ added the icon indicating that the workflow has been successfully published to the Orchestrator.

What’s changed

  1. Corrected the naming of key concepts in 'ElectroNeek' products. To view the full Glossary, please follow the link.

  2. Changed the format of displaying variable values. Added the ‘Copy value to clipboard’ button to copy the variable’s value to the clipboard.

  3. In the Desktop Picker settings, the 'Specify' method of setting attributes has changed its name to 'Is'.

What’s fixed

  1. Fixed an error that occurs when selecting the 'Calculate' method to set attributes in Desktop Picker.

  2. Fixed the situation when defining a webpage element by specifying two attributes simultaneously.

  3. Fixed an error when opening two different tabs in a browser one by one.

  4. Fixed incorrect behavior when reading emails using the ‘Office 365’ activity group.

  5. Fixed incorrect behavior when using subprograms inside the workflow.

  6. Some other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.