Release 2.6

What’s new

  1. New features have been added to the “Microsoft Excel” functions group - “Read Excel Row”, “Write Excel Row”, “Read Excel Cell” and “Write Excel Cell”, which allow you to read and write data to a specific row and cell respectively.

  2. In the “Interface elements” group of functions added functions - “Read checkbox state” and “Set checkbox state”,which allow you to read and change the state of checkboxes.

  3. Added the “Open Application” function to the “Basic” group of functions, which allows to launch an application by selecting it from the list of installed ones or specifying the path to an executable file.

  4. The “Notify user” function has been added to the “Human in the loop” group of functions. It allows setting up text to display information as a pop-up window.

  5. Added possibility to search the functions among the list by name.

  6. Other minor corrections and improvements have been made.