Release 2.1

What's new

  1. The "Recognize text (Google)" function using the Google Cloud Vision technology has been added to the "Recognize image text" section.

  2. The "Office 365" section has been added, in which there are two functions "Read emails" and "Send email".

  3. Improved support for PDF files when using the "Recognize text (Yandex)" function.

  4. "Take a screenshot" function has been added to the "Interface elements" section, which allows users to create a screenshot of the entire screen or the active window.

What's changed

  1. The "Elements" tab has been added to the left panel with functions. Now all selectors of desktop application interface elements are stored in this tab. In functions from the "Interface elements" section you can now select the corresponding element from the list.

  2. When working with the "Recognition template" function, the coordinate display of the recognition area is replaced by a visual one. Now you can change the scale of the displayed document.

  3. The installation process of the platform has been changed - now, all the necessary components are installed with one click.

What's fixed

  1. Fixed incorrect behavior of the Element Picker program when selecting Windows Explorer items.

  2. Fixed a situation where it was possible to click on the script launch button several times in a row.

  3. Fixed cases where the algorithm stopped untimely after pressing the "Stop" button.

  4. Fixed incorrect behavior of the Element Picker program when working with items on the taskbar.