Release 2.0

What's new

  1. Developed the Orchestrator as a part of the user's account for managing and scheduling the bots.

  2. Added the "Database" group of functions which allows users to interact with popular database management systems - MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL.

  3. The “Recognize image text (Microsoft)” function now can recognize handwriting.

  4. Redesigned the “Element Picker” program and significantly increased its performance speed. Variables can also be set to attributes.

  5. The 'Recognition template' function appeared in the 'Recognize image text' section. This function provides a special visual tool to select multiple areas on the desired image to extract the text with the OCR technology and assign the results to separate variables.

  6. Added support for iframes when automating web-pages.

  7. Added a tool to search by functions, variables and comments in the workspace.

  8. Added the “PDF” group of functions to convert PDF files to text or images.

  9. Extended the 'Filesystem' section with a new function - “Create a folder.”

  10. In the 'Basic' section, the 'Console log' function is added which outputs the specified message to the console. Additional details can be provided and accessed after pressing 'Details' in the console. The message type can also be specified.

  11. The 'Wait for element' function is added to the 'Browser' section. The function waits a specified amount of time for a web-element.

  12. Added the handwriting recognition option to the "Recognize image text (Microsoft)" function.

  13. Retina displays are now supported.

What's changed

  1. In the 'Read emails' function, an option of selecting a folder to read emails from is added.

  2. When selecting a UI element with a function from the “Interface elements” group, the corresponding screenshot appears on the “Block properties” tab.

  3. Added the right-click option to the 'Click on element' function from the 'Browser' section.

  4. Proxy server settings can be configured in the 'ElectroNeek Agent' program.

  5. The platform version information now appears on the 'Block properties' tab when opening an algorithm.

What's fixed

  1. Fixed an error when working with elements from a newly opened tab in the “Internet Explorer” browser.

  2. Fixed issues when using the 'ctrl + z' key combination to undo the previous changes in blocks.

  3. When closing an algorithm with no changes in it, the window suggesting to save the changes no longer appears.

  4. Resolved an issue when a variable created through the “Variables” tab disappeared after saving the algorithm or failed to update its value when used in the “Execute js code” function.

  5. Fixed the display issue when making a right-click on a line in the code editor of the “Execute js code” function.

  6. Made a few other minor bug fixes and improvements.