Release 1.8

What's new

  1. The 'Find image' function is added to the 'Interface elements' section. The function returns an array of coordinates of the images matched to the provided picture.

  2. The 'Click on image' function is added to the 'Interface elements' section. The function allows users to set an image for the robot to click on.

  3. Added support for the 'Internet Explorer', 'Mozilla Firefox' and 'Microsoft Edge' browsers.

  4. In the code editor of the 'Execute js code' function, new functions appeared such as autosuggestions for JavaScript methods.

What's changed

  1. ChromeDriver will be updated automatically.

  2. The text recognition area can be set in the 'Recognize text (Yandex)' and 'Recognize text (Microsoft)' functions.

  3. An option of viewing the recognition result in the form of array is added to the corresponding variables in the 'Variables' tab.

  4. A variable can be created straight from the 'Variables' tab.

What's fixed

  1. Fixed the display problem of an exception that occurred inside a subprogram.

  2. Fixed the display of the error after deleting the content of the 'Execute js code' function.

  3. Fixed the display of the required fields.

  4. Fixed the display of the parameters of the 'Click on element' function from the 'Interface elements' group when click on the function in the list of functions.

  5. The error message became more informative when the size of the file used in the 'Recognition text (Yandex)' function exceeds the limit.

  6. Fixed the program behavior when closing the input dialog window of the 'Input dialog' function.

  7. Fixed the platform behavior when the license key is expired.

  8. Some other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.