Release 1.7

What's new

  1. The interface is completely reworked. Both 'electroNeek DevTool' and 'electroNeek Agent' have a new design.

  2. The design of algorithm control buttons, function blocks, workspace and modal windows has been revised and improved.

  3. Elements in the 'Block properties' and 'Variables' tabs have been reworked. The 'Variables' tab has a new look of initialized variables.

  4. The configuration panel of 'electroNeek Agent' is changed. All settings are now stored in tabs in one window.

  5. The look of the buttons to create, open or save algorithms is modified.

  6. Side panels can be hidden.

  7. The console size can now be automatically set to one of three predefined states along with the remained option to change its size manually.

  8. The text obtained from the 'Recognize image text (Microsoft)' and 'Recognize image text (Yandex)' is now visualized. The array of recognized elements can be accessed on the 'Variables' tab and its structure is displayed according to the original document. Hovering the cursor on a recognized element will prompt a popup windows with the element's parameters.

  9. A minimal delay can be set to functions from the 'Interface elements' group.

  10. Additional headers can be set in the 'HTTP request' function.

  11. The option of double click is added to the 'Click on element' function from the 'Browser' section.

What's changed

  1. The account name display is changed. The name can be seen after hovering on the icon.

  2. The display of an empty 'Assign value to variable' block is changed.

  3. Hovering on the tab with the algorithm name will show a hint with the full path to the algorithm.

What's fixed

  1. Fixed an error after setting a breakpoint before a subprogram.

  2. Fixed an error when loading an 'electroNeek DevTool' algorithm that contains the byte order mark.

  3. A variable with its name length greater than the 'Variables' tab width will not lead to incorrect display anymore.

  4. Modified the display of the error appearing after incorrect input of paths to attachments in the 'Send email' function.

  5. Fixed the display of the required parameters icon in the functions from the 'Browser' section.

  6. Fixed incorrect selection of functions when creating a new algorithm.