Release 1.6

What's new

  1. Added free Microsoft OCR.

  2. Added support for Microsoft Word.

  3. Added the 'Human in the loop' group of functions.

  4. Multiple blocks can be selected with the mouse.

  5. Added the 'Hover on element' function to the 'Browser' section.

  6. The 'Append row to Excel file' function appeared in the 'Microsoft Excel' group.

  7. The 'Copy file' function can now download file using the FTP protocol.

What's changed

  1. In the 'Send email' function it is now possible to add the sender to the blind copy.

  2. Files from different folders can now be attached to an email. An array of full paths to the desired files must be created and passed to the 'Attachment' parameter in the 'Send email' function.

  3. When sending an email via the robot, the receiver sees the email login of the sender instead of 'electroBot'.

  4. A new button appeared in the 'Execute js code' function which opens the code editor for better code writing experience.

  5. The 'Assign value to variable' function now passes the assigned value through the arrow to the next function.

  6. The 'Get element value' and 'Get element property' functions from the 'Browser' section can now return an array of strings.

  7. The 'Google Chrome' browser can now be opened with the user profile settings. To enable this option, click the 'electroNeek Agent' icon in the tray, select 'Settings', press 'Google Chrome' and then select the 'Load user profile with cookies, extensions etc.' option.

  8. The browser now opens in a full-screen mode.

  9. The 'Use focused element' option is added to some other functions from the 'Interface elements' section.

  10. An object and an array can be written to a text file and be displayed in the same way as they are written.

  11. Updated the display of the key combinations in the 'Input from keyboard' function.

  12. Growls in the top right corner of the 'DevTool' don't appear anymore, all messages are displayed in the console.

  13. Date and time are added to console messages.

  14. It is no longer possible to make changes to the algorithm during its execution.

  15. A user will not be able to run a program if some of the required parameters are not filled.

  16. The 'Clean up after script end' option appeared on the 'Variables' tab. Selecting this option will delete all the previously created variables in the current account after the execution of the opened algorithm.

  17. Now the platform can be automatically launched after the installation of the product.

What's fixed

  1. Corrected behavior when invoking the same subprogram in different parts of the algorithm.

  2. Fixed errors when using hotkeys to manipulate blocks.

  3. The 'Unsupported exception doesn't occur anymore when using the 'Element Picker' tool.

  4. The 'this.getSelector()...' exception will no longer appear when using the 'Element Picker' tool.

  5. Fixed an issue of activating the 'Recognize text (ABBYY)' function and the 'Browser' section.

  6. Fixed the display of the selected property in the 'Get element property' function from the 'Browser' section.

  7. Fixed the scrolling issue on the console.

  8. Improved performance when saving attachments while reading emails from the 'Yandex' mail service.

  9. Fixed the display of Russian email texts sent from the 'Yandex' mail service.

  10. Improved table data visualization on the 'Variables' tab.

  11. Fixed an issue with displaying breakpoints after opening an algorithm.

  12. Improved the performance of a sequence of the 'Click on element' blocks.

  13. Fixed errors when running applications from the 'Command Prompt' function.

  14. Solved a problem when reading text files with different encodings. Now the robot detects the encoding automatically and display the content correctly.

  15. Fixed the problem of dragging and dropping the function to the workspace. Now it can be made by clicking on the function's icon.

  16. When using functions that involve working with files, the 'Open' button has been replaced with the 'Save' button in some instances..

  17. Fixed the focusing issue when using the 'Input from keyboard' function.

  18. Server settings don't reset anymore in the email functions.

  19. Fixed the encoding issue when reading the clipboard content. The encoding is detected automatically now.

  20. Fixed the problem with saving the formatting information when reading email texts.

  21. Columns order doesn't change anymore when processing the Excel data in variables.

  22. Some other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.