Release 1.5

What's new

  1. The right panel contains now two tabs: 'Block properties' and 'Variables'. The selected function's description is shown in the 'Block properties' tab after clicking the function's name on the left panel or click the block in the workspace.

  2. The console moved down. The size can be changed.

  3. A scroll bar is added to the function's panel.

  4. The 'Use focused element' option is added to the 'Input from keyboard' function. It enables a user to not specify a selector of the element.

  5. The 'Close browser' function is implemented.

  6. It is now possible to copy and paste multiple blocks simultaneously.

What's changed

  1. Authentication settings to the third-party services are all collected in the 'Settings' menu.

  2. The interface of uploading a license key is improved.

  3. Clicking the platform logo in the top right corner now leads to the documentation main page.

  4. A double-click on the function's name or drag and drop adds the function to the workspace. Single click on the function's name shows its description and properties on the 'Block properties' panel.

What's fixed

  1. An issue with saving the 'Get dictionary key' option in the 'Read Excel file' function is fixed.

  2. Fixed an issue of erasing zeros when entering a string that starts with zeros.

  3. Now dates from Excel files are read correctly.

  4. Comment in the 'TODO' block doesn't disappear anymore after switching the paltform language.