Release 1.4

What's new

  1. Yandex OCR is now available for free (up to 1000 requests per day).

  2. Added a capability of performing a double-click and a right-click in the 'Click on element' function.

  3. Added the button of stopping the algorithm execution which appears nearby the button of running the algorithm after the start button is pressed.

  4. It is now possible to work with multiple browser tabs (up to five tabs inclusive).

  5. Added an option to visualize data in a table form if the variables is an array or a dictionary of arrays of dictionaries.

  6. Relative paths are now supported in subprograms.

  7. In the Excel functions, not only the first row can be used as a header, but also the standard column names ('A', 'B', 'C' and so on).

What's changed

  1. A user now can change his 'Google' services account (right click on the 'Agent' icon in the tray - 'Authenticate Google services').

  2. Work with 'Google' services is improved. Now disconnections will not occur.

  3. Now after opening 'DevTool' existence of an installed version of 'Google Chrome' is checked (usually takes up to 4 seconds). If the browser is not installed then the 'Browser' group of functions is deactivated. If the browser is not installed and an algorithms with some browser actions is opened then the robot will throw an error.

  4. When reading the clipboard it is now possible to save the text result to a variable.

  5. The 'Copy file' function is now capable of downloading a file by its URL address and saving it to the specified destination.

  6. A property from the 'Get element property' of the 'Browser' section can now be selected from the drop-down list.

  7. A condition from the 'If..then' function can now be carried to the next line.

  8. In the 'Write Excel file' function, an example of the correct input data format is added to the 'Calculate a value' field in of the 'Value' parameter.

  9. In the emails functions, the robot now tries to predict the server settings by the domain if the email is specified through either the 'Save the previous step result' or 'Calculate a value' option and if the server settings aren't specified directly.

  10. Now if you don't fill the 'Date from' parameter in the 'Read emails' function then the robot will read all emails for the last 24 hours.

  11. Now an email structure (for example, line breaks) is preserved after reading.

  12. Now it is possible to perform text operations (like copy, paste and more) using the right mouse button.

  13. The capability of copying text from the variables block on the right hand side of the 'DevTool' returned.

  14. Now the 'Agent' program is launched automatically if 'DevTool' is run.

What's fixed

  1. Now blocks that are not connected with 'Start' and 'End' don't disappear when opening a saved '.neek' file.

  2. Now a user can scroll to any block regardless of the flowchart size.

  3. Fixed an issue when robot read emails that should not have been read with an option of saving attachments enabled.

  4. Fixed some errors connected with using 'ctrl + z' and 'ctrl + shift + z' when working with blocks.

  5. The 'Start' and 'End' blocks can now be selected and moved along with other blocks simultaneously.

  6. Fixed an issue where the last copied block could also be inserted when pasting text.

  7. Fixed an issue when the start button could spin infinitely after launching an algorithm containing the 'Write Excel file' function with some incorrect data.

  8. Fixed an issue where an attachment's name changed when sending a file using the 'Send email' function.

  9. Now block's height and width when adding text can only increase until a certain fixed value is reached.

  10. Now it the connection with the 'electroNeek' server is failed the 'Agent' program will try to reconnect and won't stop the algorithm execution.