Release 1.3

What's new

  • The browser support is added. Robot automatically opens 'Google Chrome', which must be installed on the computer, and interacts with the opened copy.

  • The 'Wait for element' function is implemented. This function is for waiting for an interface element to appear for a user-specified amount of time.

  • The 'Execute js code' function is implemented.

  • Hotkeys to undo (ctrl + z) and redo (ctrl + shift + z) are now supported.

  • A user can now copy a block with its content.

  • A function can now be dragged and dropped to the workplace from the function list.

  • If a user runs the 'DevTool' without a license key a special window will pop up to prevent from using the 'DevTool'.

What's changed

  • The 'Command Prompt' function is moved to 'Extensions'.

  • The 'Execute in background' option is added to the 'Command Prompt' function.

  • An option of saving attachments is added to the 'Read emails' function.

  • A hint now appears when hovering on the 'Server host' field to use custom server settings in email functions.

  • The 'Mail body' field of the 'Send email' function with the 'Set a value' option selected is now suitable for larger texts.

  • Reserved JavaScript words can not be used as variable names.

  • An error message appears when writing a wrong JavaScript expression.

  • Variables and expressions can be used to form a path in the OCR functions.

  • The position of the language button, account name, and platform logo has slightly changed. Clicking the platform logo in the 'DevTool' will open the 'Functions Description' page of the documentation.

  • A mandatory parameter is now marked with the red star in parameters window.

  • It is not required to delete an old version of the platform before installing a new version.

What's fixed

  • The 'Body parameters' field in the 'HTTP request' function now disappears when switching from 'POST' to 'GET when the field is full.

  • Fixed the platform behaviour when running algorithms with functions that contain non-existing files as parameters.

  • Language mismatch when opening an algorithm that was saved with a different language is fixed. Now blocks in an opened algorithm display text in the current language.

  • Comments now don't disappear after switching to another language in the 'DevTool'.

  • Platform will no longer ask to save changes if no changes were made. It may happen only in case the algorithm was created in the platform of an older version.