Release 1.2.3

What's new

  • A function of getting all file names in a folder is added.

  • Yandex OCR support is added.

  • Now a user can select multiple blocks and move them or delete simultaneously.

What's changed

  • Now all files are saved with the “.neek” extension. The “.neek” extension filter is set by default when opening a file.

  • Platform icon size in the tray and toolbar is modified.

  • Arrows display is modified. In particular, arrows in the “Do-while” block don’t intersect anymore.

  • An option of sending all files in a folder as attachments when sending an email is added.

  • An option of adding a cc when sending an email is added.

  • An automatic blind copy of the email from which a message is being sent is removed.

  • A hint with input data format in the “HTTP request” function is added for the “Query parameters” and “Body parameters”.

  • The parameters window of all functions from the “Google Sheets” section is changed in a similar way with the sending and reading emails functions.

  • Now the 'DevTool' and 'Agent' version info is shown in the 'DevTool' header.

  • An option of customizing mailbox settings is added.

  • A user can now send files in http requests.

  • Brightness is increased in the platform.

What's fixed

  • The error when deleting an open file in the "DevTool" is fixed.

  • The constantly spinning start button is fixed when launching an algorithm with wrong http parameters.

  • The “Google Sheets” - “Update value” block lags are fixed.

  • The horizontal scrollbar for algorithms is corrected - arrows are replaced and the white color in the corner is changed.

  • Two hints in the “Google Sheets” - “Append values - “Data” - “Calculate a value” are replaced with the correct one.

  • Path will now change when pressing the “New” button in an open file.

  • The problem when the platform creates and reads a text file using different encodings is solved. It now uses one encoding for this - utf-8.