The ElectroNeek company is committed to the security of user data and aims to meet generally accepted international security standards.

Data Collection

The ElectroNeek company does not collect any personal data of users and does not store it in their databases. The Google Analytics service is used for the purpose of collecting statistics on the platform usage. The company receives information only about the fact of launching a robot, the time and the location.

Data Protection

The RS256 asynchronous data encryption algorithm is used to ensure the security of data access. The SSL protocol is used to ensure the security of data transfer.

The security of third-party services authentication is ensured by the user's computer and the service providers. The authentication data is not transmitted to ElectroNeek servers and is not stored there.

Information Security

We develop a set of tools to comply with the rules of the generally accepted international ISO/IEC 2700 standard.


To host our servers we've chosen one of the best services in the world with reliable equipment to ensure flawless operation. These services also support a range of security compliance programs.

Safety regulations

We are guided by the principles laid down in the GDPR and also aim to bring tools to the platform to help users better understand their rights and obligations under the GDPR.