Robot Installation

'ElectroNeek Robot' Installation Guide


To improve employee productivity on office or work-from-home computers and automatically find opportunities for eliminating repetitive tasks with software robots, you must have 'ElectroNeek Robot' installed. This article describes the process of installing this application.

In order to download the 'ElectroNeek Robot' installation file, you must have a registered personal account. If you have not registered yet, please read this article.


After successful authorization, this window will appear in your personal cabinet.

After clicking on the 'Download ElectroNeek Robot' button, the installer file will be downloaded. Once the download is complete, you should follow the installation guide.


1. The setup file

You need the downloaded setup file in order to install the product on your computer.

2. Running the installation program

Run the '.msi' file.

A window with the terms of the license agreement will appear afterwards. Check the 'I accept the terms in the License Agreement' option and press the 'Install' button.

Pressing the 'Install' button may prompt a popup window where you need to confirm that you want to install the product on your computer. Press 'Yes' in that window. Wait until the program installs all the required files and then press 'Finish' to complete the installation process. If the 'Run ElectroNeek' option is selected, the platform will be automatically launched after pressing the 'Finish' button. Next we assume that this option was not selected.

As a result, the new icon appeared in the desktop screen - 'ElectroNeek Robot'.