License Activating

Steps to activate the platform license

Run the 'electroNeek Agent' application if not run yet. Make sure the platform icon has appeared in the system tray. By default, the icon can be hidden so you need to press the arrow button in the system tray (the button picture is displayed on the picture below).

The arrow button in the system tray

Hover on the platform icon in the system tray and make a right-click on it. The special menu will popup.

The result of the right-click on the platform icon

Press the 'Add a license key' button. The window where you can upload your license key will appear.

The window to upload the license key

You can either drag and drop your license key straight to the window or choose the file manually using the Windows explorer tool. We'll use the second way. Press the 'Choose file' button. The explorer window will appear.

Selecting the license key through the Windows explorer tool

Search for the provided license key file in the explorer and either make a double-click on the file name or make a click and press the 'Open' button to upload the license key to the platform. The window with the account name and the expiry date will appear afterwards. This window can also be opened by selecting the 'Show summary' option from the 'electroNeek Agent' menu. Appearance of this window confirms the license key successful update.

The result of updating the license key

Run the 'electroNeek DevTool' application. If the program looks like on the screenshot below then the product is ready for operation.

The 'electroNeek DevTool' program after activation