Steps to install the electroNeek platform

Installation of the platform

Run the '.msi' file. A window from the picture below may appear.

A popup window after running the installator

Press the 'More info' button. Next press the 'Run anyway' button.

The 'Run anyway' button

A window with the terms of the license agreement will appear aftewards. Check the "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" option and press the "Install" button.

The license agreement window

A window then will appear requesting the permission to make changes to the device. Press 'Yes' in that window. Wait until the program installs all the required files and then press 'Finish' to complete the installation process.

Finishing of the installation process

As a result, two icons appeared in the desktop screen - 'electroNeek Agent' and 'electroNeek DevTool'.

The platform icons

Installation of the electroNeek Agent

Double-click on the 'electroNeek Agent' icon to run the program. A window from the picture below will appear.

Start of the electroNeek Agent installation

Press the 'Install' button.

The 'Install' button

Wait until the program installs all the files connected with the 'electroNeek Agent' application.

Now the installation of the platform is finished. The next step is to activate a license.