Basic Principles of Work

Basic principles of working with the platform.

There is a list of all available functions on the left side of Studio. Click on the functions to add them to the central workspace. To give parameters to some block on the central work area select it and press ENTER or double-click on the block.

Each block has an input and one or more outputs. Inputs and outputs can be connected, thus creating an algorithm for the robot operating. For example, “If…then” block has two outputs “yes” and “no”. The robot switches to one of these outputs depending on the result of the calculated condition specified in the block’s parameters.

So, some blocks create some result of their work, which is transferred to the attached block through the output along the arrow. For example, “Assign a value to a variable” is the attached block. The result of the previous block’s work can be saved as a variable by ticking "Save the result of the previous step".

After executing the algorithm, the values of all variables appear in the right upper panel with variables.

What conditions can be set?

In some blocks like "If ... then" you can set a condition and in some blocks you can set the formula by which to calculate the value. Conditions and formulas can be used any of those allowed by the JavaScript language. You can use any variables which value was specified in any block of the algorithm. For example: a > 3, b == c.

How to work with the subprogram?

The algorithm can be saved to a file. A previously saved algorithm can be called from another algorithm by using the "Subprogram" block in the parameters of which you need to specify the path to the file with the previously saved algorithm.

How to work with interface elements?

In the parameters of some blocks from the "Interface Elements" group you need to specify the interface element with which this block should work. Click the "Change the item" button in the parameters. The interface element selection window will open. To select click the "Pick" button, hover over the desired element and press CTRL when the desired element is highlighted. Checkboxes need to mark the list of the interface element parameters by which the element should be identified. Confirm your choice with the "OK" button.

Where to declare a variable? How to set variable type?

You do not need to declare variables and set types to them. You should immediately assign them a value through the function [Basic | Assign a value to a variable]. The type is determined by the platform itself.