Read Word file


Reads the content of a Word file. The 'Save value to variable' block appears automatically when choosing the 'Read Word file' function. It automatically saves the value to a variable. However, the block is not mandatory to use and can be removed from the workflow.



  1. Set a value: enables you to directly write the desired path. Clicking the 'Pick' button allows you to manually choose the path. The file extension must be '.docx'.

  2. Save the previous step result: chooses the previous function result as a path.

  3. Calculate a value: enables you to use available properties and methods to form a path.


Contains an annotation to the block. The input text will be displayed inside the block above the function name.


The Word document data is stored in the word_content variable by default. This variable represents a string which may contain text formatting rules. For example, "<p><strong>Sample Document</strong></p><p>\tThis text will be written by the <em>robot</em>. </p><p></p>"