Input from keyboard


Enters a text to a focused or an indicated through selector element. The text may contain special keys.


Interface element

Allows you to select an item from a list of created ones. After the item has been selected, the visual display of the item will automatically appear.

If the 'Use focused element' option is selected then the text will be typed into the element where the cursor is located.


  1. Set a value: enter a desired text.

  2. Save the previous step result: chooses the previous activity result as a value.

  3. Calculate a value: use available variables, properties and methods to form a text string.

Input from the keyboard

Adds a specified key to the text. For example, if you type {TAB}then the robot will simulate the tab button press. This parameter is available only when the "set a value" option is enabled.

Delay between keypress, ms

Sets a delay between special keys pressing, in milliseconds. If the field is empty, no delay is set.

For example, if {DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN} key combination and 300 delay are set, then 300 milliseconds will elapse between each of the keys press.


Contains an annotation to the activity. The input text will be displayed above the activity name.

Usage Examples

This activity can be used whenever a user needs to input text.