Find image


Finds the image on the screen and returns an array of coordinates of the found matches (top left corner).


Image parameters

Create image from screenshot - allows you to take a screenshot and crop the obtained image to search for it. By default, the picture is saved at "C:\Users\<User>\electroNeek\screenshots".

Image path

  1. Set a value: enables you to directly write the desired path. Clicking the 'Pick' button allows you to manually choose the path.

  2. Save the previous step result: chooses the previous function result as a path.

  3. Calculate a value: enables you to use available properties and methods to form a path.

Search parameters

Accuracy, %

Sets the match accuracy of the search. If the value is set to 100%, the robot will search for an exact match.

Search inside specific interface element

Clicking on the 'Change the element' button will let you specify the element inside which the robot will search for the image. After the element is chosen, a list of selected attributes appears. You can enable or disable the attributes to make the selector more reliable and stable.


The found images are stored in the found_images variable by default. The variable represents an array of key-value pairs object where one object corresponds to oneimage. One object contains the following keys and values

Keys and values of an object from the array of objects containing emails
"x": "x coordinate of the image top left corner",
"y": "y coordinate of the image top left corner",
"width": "the image width",
"height": "the image height"


Contains an annotation to the block. The input text will be displayed inside the block above the function name.