Element found?


Checks whether the indicated element exists on the screen. The element is identified through its selector. The 'Yes' branch is executed if the element exists, and the 'No' branch if it does not.


Interface element

Allows you to select an item from a list of created ones. After the item has been selected, the visual display of the item will automatically appear.


Contains an annotation to the activity. The input text will be displayed above the activity name.

Usage Examples

A good example of usage of this activity is when you try to log in on a website and need to check whether it was successful. Suppose after you've entered a login and a password the website opens a specific page with an element that you don't see before you log in. This means you may configure your robot to check whether that specific element exists on screen after the login and the password have been entered. If the element is found then you have successfully logged in, otherwise a problem may have occurred.