Click on element


Clicks on the specified interface element. The element is identified by its selector, which is generated automatically when hovering over the element.


Interface element

Allows you to select an item from a list of created ones. After the item has been selected, the visual display of the item will automatically appear.

If the 'Use focused element' option is selected then the click will be performed on the element where the focus is located.

Right click

With this option activated a robot will perform a click with the right mouse button.

Double click

With this option activated a robot will perform a double click on the specified element.


Contains an annotation to the activity. The input text will be displayed above the activity name.

Usage Examples

This is the most recommended option to use when interacting with interface elements when clicking since selectors are usually the most convenient and reliable method to identify elements. However, not every interface element can be identified through selector. It depends on how a particular interface has been developed.