File information


Extracts information about a specified file. The 'Save value to variable' activity appears automatically when choosing the 'File information' activity. It automatically saves the value to a variable. The activity is not mandatory to use and can be removed from the workflow.


  1. Set a value: enables you to directly write the desired path.

  2. Save the previous step result: chooses the previous function result as a path.

  3. Calculate a value: enables you to use available properties and methods to form a path.

  4. Pick: opens an explorer to select the path manually


Contains an annotation to the activity. The input text will be displayed above the activity name.


The received file information is stored in file_info variable by default. The variable represents an object with the following keys:

Keys and values of an object with the file information
"last_write_time": "time of the last write",
"last_access_time": "time of the last access",
"creation_time": "file creation time",
"length": "file size in bytes",
"extension": "file extension",
"name": "file name with the extension"

Usage Examples

This activity is useful when dealing with a huge number of files in a folder. Suppose we have a folder with files of different extensions and it is required to process files with the ".txt" extension. Then you may use this function to filter the needed files.