Waits a specified amount of time before executing the next step in the algorithm.


Delay, sec

Amount of time in seconds to wait before the next function is getting started. In case the number is not an integer, then the comma must be used as a delimiter, for example, 0,25. The up and down arrows which appear upon hovering the field may be used to modify the amount of seconds.


Contains an annotation to the block. The input text will be displayed inside the block above the function name.

Usage Examples

This function may be comfortable to use in projects where there is a clear time separation between actions. For instance, you might want to use the 'Delay' function when checking email messages, say, every three minutes.

This function may be considered a fail-safe option when automating interaction with the interface. However, it is not recommended to overuse the function since usually it is difficult to predict how much time a certain interface element takes to load.