Assign value to variable


Allows you to create or modify a variable.

A variable stores a value and can be accessed from any point of your following workflow.

Below is an example of how to set up and use an activity to specify a name in text. In doing so, we can send different names to the console without changing the properties of this activity.


Variable name

Enter a name to create a new variable or choose existing one that you want to change.

Variable name has to start with a letter and contain only letters, digits and ‘_’.

Avoid to use JavaScript reserved words.

Set a value

The value must be a string or a number, for example, My String, 1932 and so on.

Save the previous step result

Get a previous activity execution result and save it to the variable.

Calculate a value

Enables you to calculate a value using any method, formula or boolean expression. I.e. myVariable*2, myArray.length


Contains an annotation to the activity.

Usage Examples

Use this activity to store or overwrite any information that you will use later.