Launch by webhook

This feature is useful for automatically starting the robot from another service.

Webhook activation

Select the workflow from the list of workflows. Then press 'Three dots' and click the 'Details' button.

Activate the webhook link switch and click the copy icon to copy the webhook link to the clipboard.

After that you will be able to reach your particular workflow by URL - you can make an HTTP request (GET or POST) to initiate the launch of this workflow. Launch can be initiated by your custom workflow events. (a new lead in CRM appeared for instance).

Sending data to the Robot

When you start your workflow via webhook link you may want to send some data to the robot as well. That is possible using webhook_data variable. You need to include the data as JSON object to the request body of the POST request.

In the workflow you can use the webhook_data variable as usual:

webhook_data["a_variable"] //"some_data"
webhook_data["a_variable_too"] //"some_other_data"