Firstly you need to log in to your account at Orchestrator website.

The Orchestrator is the tool to manipulate all your bots from a single point. This product in conjunction with Studio and Robot make possible to manage your robotic workforce in a convenient way from any physical location. To launch and schedule your bots you only need an internet access.

The list of machines contains all the robots currently operating with the same license.

'Robots' tab contains the list of available agents as well as corresponding workflows.

While 'Workflows' tab allows you to set up a Scheduler and see associated robots for a workflow and other useful information.

All active and ready machines in the list are marked. A machine become active immediately when corresponding agent is launched on the machine and is ready to run a robot.

Adding an workflow to the orchestrator

To use scheduler or webhooks to run workflows, you first make workflow available for scheduling on Orchestrator. To do it, open workflow in 'Studio' program and press the 'Make Available for Scheduling on Orchestrator' button.

After successful publishing, the corresponding icon will appear under the search button in the upper right corner of the canvas.