Show summary

The "Show summary" menu contains some settings that influence the robot execution. To proceed to the settings make a right-click on the 'ElectroNeek Robot' icon in the tray and then click 'Show summary'.


Displays information about the name and expiry date of the current account.


Logs out the current user.


Browser to use

Allows to choose the browser that the robot is to interact with.

List of supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge based on chromium

  • Mozilla Firefox

Load user profile with cookies, extensions etc.

This option is available only when the 'Google Chrome' browser is chosen. Allows the robot to use the saved cookies, extensions, authorization data and more when working with the browser.

Command line arguments

Available only for Google Chrome. Allows to run the browser with a specific flags. The list of flags is available here.

Ignore E-mail certificate verification

Allows to use an email account without certification. Use at your own risk.

Ignore HTTPS certificate verification

Allows to ignore HTTPS certificate verification. Use at your own risk.

Proxy server

Allows to configure a proxy server for the platform to work.


Authenticate Google services

Log into the Google account to use Google Sheets activities.

Authenticate Microsoft services

Log into the Microsoft account to use Office 365 activities.

Authenticate ABBYY OCR

Logs into the ABBYY account to use Recognize text (ABBYY) activity.


Allows you to store your credentials that are used in your workflows in secure vault.