About 'ElectroNeek' platform

Summary about what the 'ElectroNeek' platform consists of

The 'ElectroNeek' platform is a software product for automating routine business processes that implements RPA ('Robotic Process Automation') technology.

The platform allows to emulate user actions on a computer, use OCR ('Optical Character Recognition') technology in algorithms, access various services via APIs and more.

Platform Architecture

The look of the 'electroNeek DevTool' application

The platform consists of two programs - 'ElectroNeek DevTool' and 'ElectroNeek Agent'.

ElectroNeek DevTool is used to create and modify algorithms

User develops an algorithms in the 'ElectroNeek DevTool' application. The button to run the algorithm is also there. Once the button is pressed the algorithm is transmitted to the 'ElectroNeek Agent' which is responsible for the algorithm execution.

ElectroNeek Agent is used to interpret and execute algorithms

Also 'ElectroNeek Agent' is used to:

  1. Activate the platform license.

  2. Activate the OCR services.

  3. Authenticate Google services.

Video: interface and functions overview

Platform interface and functions overview